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Accelerate The Energy Ecosystem With Data.

The energy sector faces major disruptions from trade to power generation along its entire value chain. Adopt best practices in the field to stay successful in this dynamic industry. 

Importance of Data Analytics in the Energy Sector

Providing oil and gas companies with the tools to use data analytics, machine learning and AI to find new efficiencies in production while mitigating risk and reducing operational downtime. AI has shown great potential in the energy sector so far, but innovation and adoption are still limited. This presents an opportunity to accelerate the transition to a net zero ecosystem that is highly efficient and interconnected. 


Our services can improve your energy business

Derisk360 can be a catalyst by acting as your partner for data and analytics to accelerate the transition to a net-zero ecosystem 

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1. Data-Analytics

We turn raw data into strategic insights with our data and analytics services. We'll help you optimize key processes, resolve challenges, and manage your assets for a better return on investment 

2. Data Strategy

Reassess and modernize your data architecture so it can support your business model and analytics needs. 

3. Data Management

We help you manage the integrity, accuracy, and security of your data so that you can make informed and timely decisions. 

4. Data Exploitation

Our data experts are here to organise all your data, ensure it's clean, and make it easy for you to use.

5. Machine Learning/AI

Gain invaluable insights into commodity flows, storage, and the wider supply chain through advanced analytics, and domain expertise. 

6. Performance Improvement

Achieve your true value potential and bridge the gap to the top quartile.

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