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Derisk360: Your Gateway to Leadership in the World of Data Analytics and AI.

Our Culture

Welcome to DeRisk360, where we breathe innovation and live teamwork. Our culture is a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative ethos, and steadfast customer focus. We pride ourselves on a horizontal leadership structure that ensures every voice is valued and every idea respected.

Here, we don't just embrace diversity; we celebrate it. We believe that the best solutions emerge from the interplay of diverse perspectives, fostering an environment that nurtures creativity and encourages disruptive thinking. Our team, growing across continents, is a testament to our belief in harnessing global talents and insights.

At DeRisk360, accountability isn't a buzzword - it's a commitment. We empower each team member to take ownership of their work, fostering a culture of trust, growth, and mutual respect. We're passionate about open, candid communication, fostering a workplace where feedback is welcomed, and honesty is applauded.

In a nutshell, our culture is about giving your best, embracing challenges, and championing innovation in the dynamic world of data analytics and AI.

ENPS Excellence at DeRisk360

At DeRisk360, we prioritize our employees' satisfaction and engagement, and this commitment is reflected in our outstanding Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) consistently exceeding 8.5. ENPS is a powerful metric that measures the likelihood of employees recommending their workplace to others. It encompasses crucial aspects such as work-life balance, career development, peer-to-peer relationships, and employee voice. This score is a testament to our dedication to creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere where our team members thrive both professionally and personally.


We conduct regular ENPS assessments because we value the feedback of our employees. It helps us understand what aspects are working well and where we can make improvements. As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we are committed to enhancing the employee experience at DeRisk360. We recognize that a satisfied and engaged team is key to our success, and we will continue to invest in creating an amazing workplace where individuals are heard, supported in their growth, and proud to be part of the DeRisk360 family. Join us on this journey as we strive to make DeRisk360 an even more extraordinary place to work.

ENPS Excellence at DeRisk360

Our Values

Team Work

"At DeRisk360, our success is brewed in the crucible of collaboration. We believe in the collective genius, in the 'we' over the 'I.' Together, we build, solve, and innovate, drawing strength from our diverse skills and perspectives."

Customer Centricity

"Our compass points towards the customer. Every decision, every solution we deliver, is driven by an unwavering commitment to enhancing our customers' experience and exceeding their expectations. In our world, the customer is indeed the king."


"Honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of our work at DeRisk360. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, keeping our actions in sync with our words and ensuring ethical conduct in all our transactions."

Entrepreneurs at Heart

"Every DeRisk360 employee is an entrepreneur at heart. We nurture a culture of innovation and creativity where everyone is empowered to think out of the box, challenge the status quo, and strive for continuous improvement."

All In

"Commitment isn't a part-time job for us. It's an all-in, wholehearted dedication to our mission. At DeRisk360, we plunge into challenges, seize opportunities, and are relentless in our pursuit of excellence."

Extreme Ownership

"We take pride in our work and own the outcomes. Every individual at DeRisk360 embraces the responsibility for their actions, decisions, and the results they deliver. This enables us to learn, grow and achieve extraordinary things."

Say it as it is

"In our culture of transparency, we value candid communication. We encourage open dialogue, constructive feedback, and honest discussions, ensuring all voices are heard and respected."

Life at DeRisk360

Life at DeRisk360

Life at DeRisk360 is vibrant and dynamic, where every day brings new opportunities and challenges. Our strength lies in our diverse, passionate team that collaborates and innovates to provide the best for our customers. Here, you're not just part of the team; you're part of a growing family. With a horizontal leadership structure, we empower everyone's voice to be heard and ideas to flourish. This unique culture fosters personal growth, encourages creative problem solving, and celebrates collective success.

Why Join the Team?

Why Join the Team?

Joining DeRisk360 is not just accepting a job; it's accepting a mission. In just two years, we've grown from 5 to over 50 dedicated professionals, spread across continents, working tirelessly to redefine data analytics and AI. As we continue to grow, so do the opportunities for our team members. Your ideas, your contributions, your growth - they all matter at DeRisk360. If you're ready to dive into a world of innovation, customer focus, and unlimited opportunities, your journey begins here. Together, let's shape the future of data analytics and AI.

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