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Bridging Data Analytics, AI, and Risk Management

At Derisk360, we're not just adapting to the AI revolution; we're spearheading it. From the core of data analytics, we elevate to harness the full prowess of artificial intelligence and machine learning, reshaping business risks into formidable assets.


Our legacy of ground-breaking projects, partnerships with esteemed clients, and a reservoir of extensive collective expertise stands testament to our commitment and capability.

Risk Management
AI-empowered data analytics

About Us

Derisk360, an AI-empowered data analytics firm, was born in London, UK. Founded by highly accomplished data experts with a wealth of consulting expertise amassed from firms like McKinsey, Deloitte, EY, and successful start-ups.

AI changing the world

Our Capabilities

AI as a Service (AIaaS)

Harness our on-demand AI and machine learning solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate with your business operations and drive data-driven transformations.

Data on a Touch Pad
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AI Audit & Maturity Assessment

Ensure your AI and machine learning infrastructure is robust, compliant, and primed for future scalability. We assess your current capabilities and help chart a roadmap for AI and ML maturity.

Generative AI Applications

Unlock limitless possibilities with our generative AI and machine learning tools, from creating new content to simulating scenarios, propelling your business into the next frontier of innovation.

Information Technology
Server Room

Cloud Enablement

Accelerate your cloud journey. Our expertise ensures smooth transitions, maximized efficiency, and optimized costs, paving the way for scalable innovation.

Data Management

Transform raw data into actionable insights using our automated pipelines, powered by AI and machine learning. This boosts productivity, ensuring high precision in data handling, analysis, and decision-making.

Data Processing

AI changing the world

Dealing Industries

Financial Report

Financial Services

Leverage AI to enhance operations, accelerate processes, and foster swift actions for an expedited financial closure.

Public Sector

Unleash the power of AI to modernize and automate processes, driving efficiency and stimulating innovation.

Checking the electricity box

Energy & Utilities

As digital transformation takes hold in the energy and utilities sector, AI empowers firms to manage and operate decentralized energy assets.

Retail & E-Commerce

Dive into AI-driven insights that transform shopping experiences, optimize inventory, & catalyse growth in an ever-evolving digital marketplace.

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Our Client Says


Derisk360 team made a big difference at a time when we had data challenges and you made all the difference at a critical time. Derisk360 work on this was a critical part of the success.

Lead Architect


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Derisk360 team. The team brings great insight to the inner workings of the domain have proven to be of great value to the project and his end delivery. Their consulting style is supportive without pretentiousness in order to have a successful and collaborative working environment.

Programme Director


Derisk360 team is conscientious and are experts in DataOps, Data Science, Enterprise Data Management and brings a holistic perspective to the table.

Programme Director


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