Single Risk View 


Single Risk View enables Chief Risk Officers and risk functions to understand the risk profile of the entire company at any given point in time and take impactful, timely decisions.

Old way

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New way

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Single Risk View (SRV) is a blend of automation, AI applied to the enterprise data to successfully deliver the value and impact to risk management.

Suite components

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Seamless data


Auto-discovery and auto-creation of risks

Dynamic rules management for thresholds and breaches

AI-driven mitigation predictor


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Improves operational efficiencies

Proactively address regulatory compliance such as Basel, Solvency etc

Turns the risk function from a cost centre into a revenue realisation unit by de-risking non-performing assets

Integrated data is treated as an asset for BAU and can be used for other use-cases

SRV AI models can be trained and re-used in other use-cases for different data sets