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RISE Initiative

Empowering Women in the Data Revolution

Welcome to RISE, a ground breaking initiative dedicated to empowering women in the world of data analytics and testing. We firmly believe that the future of data belongs to those who can harness its power, and we are committed to ensuring that women have equal access and opportunities in this rapidly evolving field.

Our Mission

Welcome to RISE, a sanctuary where we empower women in data analytics to not just participate but to lead. Whether you're a budding enthusiast, a fresh graduate, or returning from a career hiatus, we're here to guide, mentor, and inspire. Our mission goes beyond just training; it's about creating a ripple effect of change, one woman at a time.

Business Meeting

Our Objectives

Career Path Assistance: Whether you're looking to pivot your career or start anew, we're here to guide your journey.

Training Opportunities: Dive deep into the world of data analytics with hands-on training in SQL, Python, R, ETL, and more.

Addressing Challenges: We understand the unique challenges women face, from skill gaps to seeking flexible work arrangements. We're here to bridge those gaps.

Comprehensive Training

Our training isn't just about tools and languages; it's about application. Learn from industry experts, engage in interactive sessions, and leverage platforms like LinkedIn to build a robust professional network.


Networking Opportunities

In the world of data, connections matter. Engage with industry experts, attend exclusive workshops, and build a network that will support and uplift you.


Personalized Mentoring

Every journey is unique, and so is our mentoring. Receive tailored advice, career guidance, and the motivation to not just reach but surpass your goals.


Job Placement Assistance

Your dream job is just around the corner. With our resume building, interview preparation, and insights into navigating the job market, we ensure you're always a step ahead.


Our Impact

From our first intake, we've seen overwhelming enthusiasm with 92 applicants for Data Analysis and 32 for Data Testing. With participants from India, the UK, Kenya, and Nigeria, we're not just a program; we're a global movement.


Join the Movement

The future of data is diverse, inclusive, and brimming with potential. Are you ready to be a part of this change? Join us at RISE, and together, let's shape a world where data speaks the language of equality.

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