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Our Work

Our Work

Derisk360 Project Overview

At Derisk360, we're not just shaping the future of data management; we're embedding the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into every facet of our operations. Our collaboration on the CDNA Data Streaming initiative is a testament to this commitment.

By integrating advanced AI algorithms and machine learning models, we've been able to anticipate data needs, optimize processes, and deliver unparalleled efficiency. This synergy between our expertise and AI's capabilities has resulted in solutions that are not only innovative but also predictive, ensuring that Derisk360 remains at the forefront of data management evolution.

Key Achievements

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AI-Enhanced Data Sourcing

Our AI algorithms work alongside the CDNA Data Sourcing team, predicting data needs, optimizing sourcing routes, and ensuring a seamless flow of information.

Intelligent Data Ingestion

With AI at its core, our data ingestion platform adapts in real-time, ensuring optimal data management, improved customer engagement, reduced operational risks, and laying the groundwork for future identity-based partnerships.

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Smart Data Provisioning

Leveraging AI, we've optimized data provisioning from diverse sources like Mainframe - DB2, Oracle, and S3. Our systems learn and adapt, ensuring timely and accurate data retrieval.

ETL Mastery with AI

Our ETL builds now come with AI capabilities, predicting potential bottlenecks, optimizing data loads, and ensuring efficiency at every step.

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AI-Powered Batch Streaming

Our batch streaming processes are now supercharged with AI, predicting data needs, optimizing streaming routes, and ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

TSYS Integration with AI Insights

Our integration with TSYS isn't just about data; it's about deriving AI-driven insights in real-time, capturing and analyzing customer data changes, and offering predictive solutions.

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Automated Testing with AI Oversight

Our testing processes are overseen by AI, spotting inconsistencies, predicting potential issues, and ensuring unparalleled data consistency in both batch and streaming methods.

Automation Innovations through AI

We've embedded AI into our automation tools, ensuring they're not just reactive but proactive, predicting challenges, and offering solutions even before they arise.

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